The Early Investors

ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF TEXAS McCOMBS HAVE PLEDGED their support to building a $425 million undergraduate business school, Mulva Hall. These donors have contributed $124.2 million of the school’s fundraising goal of $150 million, and after $50 million in McCombs reserves, the rest will be financed by the UT System.

Their dedication underscores the deep-seated belief in the project’s transformative potential and its pivotal role in advancing McCombs’ standing on the global stage. From the outset, these investors have remained steadfast despite challenges and delays, demonstrating a shared commitment to shaping a future for new generations of students.

All donors of $1 million-plus who committed to the project before April 30, 2024, are recognized as Early Investors, providing leadership and inspiration to others to advance this vital initiative for the McCombs School and The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Kamela and Kenneth Aboussie
  • George Ackert
  • Susie and John Adams
  • Lauren and Adam Allen
  • Gilbert Aranza
  • Wendy and Howard Berk
  • Patti Brown
  • Mindy and Marc Browning
  • Rebecca and Jon Brumley
  • Mary Beth and Phil Canfield
  • Helen and John Carona
  • Julie and Eric Clark
  • Sylvie and Gary Crum
  • Berkeley and Jason Downie
  • Barbara and Alan Dreeben
  • The Elkins Foundation
  • Brittainy and Travis Fagan
  • Melissa and Kent Ferguson
  • Neal Golden
  • Sue Gove
  • Annie and Bob Graham
  • Sandy and Phil Green
  • Peni Barfield and John D. Harkey Jr.
  • Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand 
  • Gayle and Woody Hunt
  • Katherine and Sean Keenan
  • Carol and Gary Kelly
  • Kozmetsky Family Foundation 
  • Ashley and Lance Loeffler
  • Diana and Todd Maclin
  • Jane and Rob Malcolm
  • Christine and Chris Manning
  • Mattei Foundation
  • The McCombs Family
  • Lisa and Milton Millman
  • Anna and Ryan Moss
  • Miriam and James Mulva
  • Denise and Ray Nixon
  • Sima and Sushil Patel
  • Brooke and Corby Robertson III
  • Jennifer and Jeff Rosenbaum
  • Rozanne and Billy Rosenthal
  • Alexander Russ Estate 
  • Amy and Tom Ryan
  • Anne and Brien Smith
  • Catherine and Sam Susser
  • Courtney and Doug Swanson
  • Bette and Ralph Thomas
  • ZBT Lambda Chapter
  • Marcie and Bob Zlotnik


For information about making a pledge or naming opportunities, please contact Will Whiting, Texas McCombs Chief Development Officer.